30 is the new 20

For the generation of young Europeans, the age of 30 might be the same as the age of 20 was for the older generations. Respectively, the advances in thinking and longer life expectancy allow them to start at 30 what they parents had to manage in their 20s.

RockCafeBAnevertooOldWEBResearch proved that the Generation Y is less family oriented. Instead, it cares more about the ‘self”: to get education, to find a good job, to be famous and to get recognition. On one hand, it can be considered a betrayal of the traditional values but on the other hand, it is enabled by the period we live in: open borders, opportunities to study and technology. Sometimes the people are forced into this by their environment – house prices, problems with returning to work after maternity leave, life expenses…therefore it is logical that you aim to take care of yourself before you take over responsibility over someone else. And naturally, you want to enjoy life if you have the opportunity.

I mean that if you lead balanced life that brings some meaningful progress, you do not have to feel sorry that you still feel & live young at the age of 30. Of course, there are plenty of people who waste their years on stupid things and wake up on their parents’ coach with no job or even reason to wake up in their thirties. The difference is in experience and priorities – not age.

In the past, at least in my country, it was expected that by 20 the person obtained everything they needed for life: completed the education (only few people entered university), work (everyone had to work and usually kept the place for life), social experience (they lived within an isolated community and marriages were sometimes arranged). The life was straightforward – one place to live, local economy, one partner for life. The average life expectancy was shorter so that people had to hurry.

Nowadays, the world is different. Due to opening, people are more open to new experience and some of them discovered that this experience helps them to live better than just following the trends of their parents. Actually, coming out of our comfort zone moves us forward. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Some people think that it is enough to have what their parents had – but it does not have to be enough for their children. Population is ageing and the gap between active workforce and pensioners is closing. Maybe the people think that they will still have enough time after 30…

We live longer so that we can afford to more time on education, travelling, relationships, work experience. The only condition is that it moves us forward: we are smarter, more experienced and more skilled than a year ago. We can settle down in thirties and still enjoy 35 productive years – thanks the pension reforms – with experience that will make it really productive and happy.

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