Why to wake up 20 minutes earlier?

“Life is too short,” she panicked, “I want more.” He nodded slowly, “Wake up earlier.” Dr. SunWolf

Most of the people, when they have to wake up at 5:00 am for something important, sometimes get through that uncomfortable experience on high dose of coffee and sweats and have a dreadful story to tell their friends. I would not mind waking up earlier in order to do something important. Some people do it every day and their routines are described in this article in Business Insider. Three main advantages are:

  • no one disturbs you as they are still sleeping
  • you are fresh with refilled energy
  • you start the day with a good feeling of an early accomplishment

    Early morning does not have to be at 4:45, or even earlier if you want to stay up-to-date with the market news in the other part of the world. But If you do not have enough time during day, wake up 20 minutes earlier and spend them on an activity that you identified as important.

For example exercise.
Wake up 20 minutes earlier and have a brisk walk in the park or run up the stairs three times or do three sets of 25 pushups + 50 air squats. Better than nothing. Exercise releases endorphins and you start the day with positive feeling.

In a week you collect over 2 hours of study time
Most of us want to learn a foreign language or maybe some work-related skills but cannot fit them into their schedule. Easy solution is to wake up 20 minutes earlier every day and spend them on the thing. Read a few articles (maybe just one) in a foreign language and look up a few new words (3 is enough). Next day revise these three words before you move to another article. In a week you collect 2 hours of study (Sunday is a „rest day“ J ) and 24 new words.WordsTEFL

Keep your place nice
In a similar manner I can tackle the cleaning. Wipe all the dust one morning. Sweep and mop the kitchen next morning. It would not be a cabinet window design but at least I manage to keep my place habitable.flatCoach

Getting a proper breakfast
It gives you energy and prevents hunger. Preparing the lunch saves time that would be filled in walking around the city and thinking about the daily menu. Home prepared food is often healthier than the low-price menu, whose main aim is to earn money for the restaurant. Moreover, hunger hunt in the middle of the day kills time in the busiest part of the day and the result is stress and pile of work for the afternoon. It does not mean that you have to prepare all foods in boxes like a bodybuilder. Mix white yogurt with a banana and cook rice, which will be the core of the lunch.BoxingDayBreakfastWEB

It is good to be informed
Either about the happening in the world and in your country or job related stuff. Spend the morning 20 minutes reading newspapers. You can pick different daily every morning – domestic or foreign. You do not have to purchase paper, use online news. You will stay informed and you can get to the most interesting issues in the evening.News Wake Up Early

In the morning I check the mailbox. I identify three emails that are really important. Two of them require short answer – I do it immediately and I can think about the third one while preparing breakfast or while travelling to work.MyDeskAtWork

P.S. Most of the people who agree with this article are already doing it and study the language even on Sunday.

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