Arsenal FC – visit at the Emirates

EmiratesSt1One day in January 2013 I visited the Emirates Stadium, at that time the new home ground of London’s Arsenal FC.

ArsenalGunsTwo cannon guns are placed in front of the stadium, reminding us of the nickname of the Arsenal FC -“Gunners”. The team started in Woolwich, where gun were manufactured.

ArsenalAdams Names of the team’s legends are written on the blocks of concrete. I remember Tony Adams from Fifa 2001 PC game.

ArsenalPiresRobert Pires, one of the “French musketeers” in the early 2000’s.

ArsenalTourYou can go for a Stadium tour.

ArsenalBergkampDennis Bergkamp, the Dutch player who was afraid to fly and had to be driven to the matches by a car.

ArsenalSeamanDavid Seaman, the last English world class goalkeeper, although ridiculed by Ronaldinho in the 2002 World Cup quarter-final.

ArsenalBuscommuteIn the past, players used to travel to and from the matches by bus. Today, they have to use public transport only after an embarrassing loss when the coach wants to teach them a lesson.

Arsenal bench SpanishMe and my Spanish friends on the bench.

ArsenalHenry226g.jpgTierry Henry, 226 goals in 370 appearances.

ArsenalCrocFan shop, what’s the link between the crocodile and Arsenal?

ArsenalGlovesIt was freezing out there and my hands were cold. Therefore I was attracted by the gloves and winter caps.

ArsenalScarfsScarves. Different colours and shapes testify to the wide variety of trademark items in the shop.

ArsenalFanshopA glance of the fan shop, I did not want to raise too much attention with doing pictures.

ArsenalHoodies.jpgSome really nice hoodies, but the prices are quite high. I bought a whisky glass, a present for my father. I think he prefers Chelsea, but I try to change his mind, the work Wenger was doing with the young players in the 2010s comes more appealing than buying ready made players to sit on the bench at Stamford Bridge.



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