Haitstyle of the footballers and short sprints

424662_article_photo_ho4ur1z_600xWhen I was 16 years old, I had my hair cut like the footballer Martin Škrtel – at that time he had hair. My coach told me to practice short sprints with changes in direction to improve my agility. I followed his advice.

Now I do not play football but I still maintain good physical fitness. Shorts sprints helped me to achieve that. They develop speed, power, agility and also anaerobic endurance, if you do them for long time with short breaks. Pavel Nedvěd, the Czech player, also used to do them while playing in Dukla Praha. Later he became famous in Juventus as a technical, hard-working and physically prepared footballer. That was my motivation.

Pavel Nedvěd

Today everyone knows what kind of hairstyle footballers have or what they do in their private life. However, hardly anyone knows how they train. First impression and behaviour in the public are important, but footballers should be measured first by their performance on the pitch. Short sprints are more important than the hairstyle.

Today, I was shopping in Tesco. The cashier made a mistake and I was short of one Euro. I asked him about correction and he sent me politely to the information desk. I understand that it is much faster solution than dealing with the refund on the spot and holding up the whole queue. Though I do not understand why a young guy with Italian look, with greasy hairstyle like John Travolta, works in Tesco. I would expect him to be a business salesman. I know guys like him. They are sitting in restaurants or hotel lobbies in the morning, drinking coffee and discussing football. Instead of hairstyles they discuss backstage deals and sold matches. In the mean time they solve several meetings.

People are joking that in order to be a footballer you must have a tattoo and fancy hairstyle. Children copy their example, I was also cut like Škrtel. No one, however, knows how fast can Škrtel run or how long does Hamšík practice with the ball every day.

There are guys who go for a haircut instead of a training session. It should be the opposite way – trying to avoid hair cut and kick the ball instead. There is no sense of responsibility and integrity. Why should I practice more than the others? To be different.

I used to work in Tesco and I understand that a young man gets easily distracted, mainly if he has different goals in his head. Though, it is good just for having a job that earns living, no more.

Several Slovak footballers succeeded in European top teams, which means, that they gave it more than just a hairstyle and tattoo. Recently I read that Marek Hamšík used to practice free kicks on the pitch till pitch dark night. That’s his short sprint. The article might have been dresses up and in case of Hamšík also different factors decided about his career. For an illustration, it is enough. Unfortunately, the society judges footballers by what they do and how they look and it has an influence on the young generation. Children pick up role models from distant media instead of listening to practical advice.

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