How to burn one snickers

snickersYou must run 3.66 km to burn off a snickers bar. Nice, but at what speed, what body weight and level off fitness? Burning one snickers for an 80 kg competitive athlete is completely different than for an overweight sedentary worker…Indeed, for an average man, running 3.66 km at around 15km/h speed would burn one snickers.


Steve-CookAthlete´s body consists mostly of muscle mass, which works and needs energy. Therefore his body burns more energy even when he is resting. It is the physics of Newton and the laws of thermodynamics: more work done – more energy burnt. Moreover, he probably trains every day and his body is in the state of calorie deficit – therefore the snickers burns like when you pour oil on a hot grill. Sugar from snickers is used by the body to refill the deficit in order to be prepared for the next workout, which is a biological mechanism of adaptation.

what-homer-simpson-taught-uOn the other hand, let’s assume that the sedentary worker is fat and does not carry much muscle mass that would need energy. He has enough fuel, even more than he needs. Moreover, his metabolism is slowed down by unstable eating patterns (if you do not get food for a long period of time, stress kicks in and body starts to store fat reserves). Therefore the snickers just add to the excess of energy and he would really have to start moving to burn it.

I had friends, professional sportsmen, who were thin as a rake – endurance runners and cross-country skiers, who could eat anything and yet were constantly hungry. It is because most of their bodies consisted from active muscle mass and they kept their metabolism going by constant eating and moving.

Try this to find out how it feels to have the metabolism of an athlete…

In the morning on an empty stomach warm up and do some interval work, ex: run 6 x 400 m at almost full speed with 90 second rests or do 6 – 8 500 m sprints on a rowing machine. After that, you will realize how fast a snickers can be burnt. You won´t even realize that you ate it…but try to eat it after three course dinner…

They key to effective fat burning is the ability to get your body into a state similar to the athlete – increase muscle mass by regular exercise and create calorie deficit so that the body will burn energy faster. What I recommend is combination of strength training and conditioning, which means barbells and bootcamp style moves. Going heavy on the barbells increases active muscle mass and conditioning creates the calorie deficit. Keep in mind that the workout must be intensive and even painful in order to deliver results.

Check my qualification workout. It looks like an endless fight but this kind of workout is very effective.  Also check out my workout tips on Twitter.

People who already know the gym should try a set of 10 barbell squats followed by 25 burpess or box jumps. Take 1 minute rest and repeat 6 – 8 times. Beginners should learn the moves first, but doing 10 burpees and running up the stairs afterwards works well for everyone. Aim for 6 – 8 sets with one minute breaks.

I made a graphics on how many burpees it requires to burn off certain foods. I took the average speed of doing burpees (15 per minute) of a person who weights approximately 80 kg. One snickers contains approximately the same amount of energy as Horalka, popular Slovak wafer. Nevertheless, the chart is just for orientation. If anyone does not know how to do a burpee, it is the first exercise in this challenge


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